GABRIEL RAFAEL is a menswear blogger based out of Melbourne Australia on menswear advice, trends and fashion. Gabriel Rafael was previously a Cancer Researcher at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center before moving to Australia to pursue full-time blogging. He currently writes and runs a blog dedicated to mens fashion + lifestyle products.

GABRIEL RAFAEL started with the idea that there was a need for more American based menswear bloggers that liked the similar brands, products & designers as a majority of the guys out there. The main mission of GABRIEL RAFAEL is to provide top content of sophisticated designers & lifestyle brands, while always keeping a pulse on what is up and coming.

While blogging is his main passion, GABRIEL RAFAEL is also a Web Designer, Social Media Manager & Freelance Writer who has created content for elite fashion brands and magazine publications. On top of running his own site, he also creates stunning, custom made websites for clients . Please contact him at for any queries to work together on any projects or collaborations.