Wild Soul Sunglasses, Shades With A Cause

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Fashion and philanthropy, that’s the fusion that Wild Soul sunglasses have brought together with their stylish shades. With each pair of sunglasses you buy, a portion is donated to a charity of your choice, contributing to health, societal and environmental initiatives. Not only are the sunglasses great because they help out a greater cause, but they are uniquely styled and designed. Each design is named and based off of an untamed animal; lion, owl, elephant and rhino. Thorough thought was placed on each pair, capturing each animal’s essence into the design. Wild Soul sunglasses are as unique as the person wearing them. The three global causes that benefit from each pair sold are symbolized on the bottom rim of the frame with a three-line engraving. On one leg of the frame there is a brown tortoise design, altering the symmetry of the sunglasses. These design elements make these sunglasses stand out from the rest. The four different styles are truly unique and different from other sunglasses out there. The thought and execution of design in the sunglasses makes these a great pick to wear in the coming summer months. It will be hard to wear Wild Soul sunglasses and not have someone ask you about them. Choose Wild Soul, choose to help out others and choose to be unique.