Extreme Weather Boots

When the winter rolls around it is almost impossible to plan for what the weather is going to throw at you. One day it may be sunny and the next you're pelted by the rain or snow. What makes the unpredictable weather worse is the wear and tear that it creates to your shoewear. Snow, rain and sludge aren't the best conditions to put your shoes through so that's why there is a large market for utility boots out there. If you're like me and don't want to wear Hunter boots that almost everyone out there seems to own, then the following two picks are something to consider.


Aigle of France makes this Chanteboot 160 out of handmade rubber produced by hand in Ingrandes France. The boot is made to last and to tackle any adverse weather which may come your way. These boots will keep your feet dry and provide enough traction to offer a strong grip in the slippery months.


If you happen to live somewhere where you'll need more than a rubber boot consider the Caribou Wool Boot by Sorel. Nothing gets more rugged than Sorel boots. While at first glance they may look stylish and outdoorsy chic with the removable wool lining, the Wool Boot is designed for anything that is thrown at it; snow, rain, mud and any other of mother natures little gifts.