Stylish Wrist Wear

While Apple and Samsung are battling it out on the fitness/smart watch market, not so much attention has been paid to classic and traditional watches. While the upcoming iWatch is something on the top of my wish list, it won't certainly be my everyday wrist wear. There is something elegant and gentlemanly about wearing a nice watch, it sends the signal that you care about the finer details in life. I can't imagine myself walking into an important meeting at work with an Apple gadget on my wrist; who knows maybe in five years that'll be acceptable, but not in my foreseeable future.

The following selections range from high end watches to more affordable timepieces that are in everyones budget. No matter what price point a watch may be in, the most important part about wearing a watch is wearing it as an extension of your personality and style. A current trend that I've been spotting lately, and personally love and rock, is wearing a vintage luxury time piece and exchanging the band for a nylon strap, similar to this Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King precision watch (vintage circa 1966) on a NATO strap.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King (vintage) / Burberry Automatic Aligator Strap Watch

Miansai M1 Navy / Caravelle NY Chronograph