Summer Ready Shirts

Gant Rugger Stripped Cotton-Oxford Popover / J.Crew Printed Button-Down Cotton Shirt

Billy Reid Linen Chambray Shirt / Saturdays Surf NYC Gingham Shirt

Blame it all on the sweltering heat that seems to be engulfing the US right now, but I have seemed to try to avoid at all costs anything long sleeved. While some of us may be lucky to get away with it at work, I mostly recommend to rock these looks post 9-5 as I feel you should always dress for what you want to become in work & in life. 

Short-sleeved collard shirts are a perfect way to beat the heat while still looking polished & put together. The best part of the short-sleeved shirt is that it can easily transition with your day & never look out of place. From a morning coffee run, up until a dinner with loved ones, you'll never looked under dressed in the following selections. A great style of shirt that I've been really digging & seeing everywhere are popovers. Popover shirts are kind of like your traditional shirt in which there are buttons on the front, but these shirts stop halfway, adding an air of ease and comfort for those who have an aversion to traditional looks, for example the Gant Rugger Cotton Oxford Popover pictured above. Try to stick to cotton or other lightweight fabrics like linen to keep extra cool as the temperatures keep getting higher.