Victorinox Alliance Watch, Style & Elegance

When I was a teenager my first watch was a Victorinox Swiss Army gifted to me by my father on my 13th birthday. I will never forget how stylish & sophisticated I felt being one of the first of my friends to wear a 'grown up' watch. To this day I still keep that watch as it is symbolic of my journey into adulthood. From the day I received it to even now, the watch still receives compliments when I wear it on occasion. Since then I've changed watches multiple times but the quality and durability of Victorinox makes this a timeless watch I will keep forever.

For over the last 130 years, Victorinox Swiss Army has built a company priding itself on its high quality, durable, multifunctional and classic products, ranging from the original Swiss Army knife to the watches, fragrances & luggage of today. This year Victorinox launches their newest edition of the Alliance watch. Known for its precision and ingenuity, the Alliance watch is truly a special watch among the many other lines of watches Victorinox carries. The new 2014 edition goes back to its roots and focuses on its primary function: to tell time accurately & clearly as possible. The 40mm diameter watch face is a perfect fit on a wrist of any size & the polished, pyramid-shaped indexes catch & reflect light subtly to add a sense of flash to this already elegant watch. 

The Alliance watch comes in four different options. Chose from a dark gray or eggshell dial face as well polished and stained steel strap or a ecologically tanned black leather strap. Proud in its long standing tradition, the Alliance proudly bears the iconic cross emblem of Swiss Army at the 12 o'clock position, signifying the attention to detail that has long made Victorinox Swiss Army a timeless classic.

This post is partnered with Victorinox Swiss Army. The content and views expressed here are my own.