3 Affordable, Well-Tailored Suits

J.Crew Ludlow SuitASOS Slim Fit SuitClub Monaco Grant Poplin Suit

A well tailored suit can get you far in life. It can be that extra touch during a job interview, the look that gets the attention of a certain special someone while out for drinks or even be the go-to piece in your closet for various social events. There is one tip I learned from my father growing up that I will always remember & that is that the trick to looking like a million bucks in a suit isn't necessarily spending much, but having it form fitted to your body.

Let's be honest, suits can sometimes get crazy expensive. While the investment is well worth it in the long run, sometimes you need a reliable suit ready to go at all times in your closet that won't break the bank. The three suits I've picked today are all based on three criteria: 

  1. Quality Fabric
  2. Reliable Brand
  3. Affordable (Around $500 or Less)

Go the extra mile & visit a tailor once you receive your suit & have a few adjustments made. Even though the fitting on these suits are all fine, it gives an extra oomph to have it tailored to your body. I can't name the amount of times having a go-to suit that is sharp, fits well and perfect for multiple occasions has saved my butt!