Trim Down Your Wallet, The Card Case

I noticed the other day how quickly a mans wallet can accumulate receipts, business cards, cash, credit cards & many other things. While it is good to keep some vital things in your wallet, I feel that a wallet should always be kept slim. When it comes to my personal wallet, I really only carry on me the essentials: ID, debit card, a few business cards, health insurance card & my Starbucks card. I really hate to carry cash so my wallet is always kept slim. 

On the other hand, I've seen plenty of my friends carry around these brick sized wallets overflowing with various cards & papers. The first thing I think you need to do to slim down your wallet is to trim the fat of any non-vital essentials. You don't need to carry around every card & loyalty punch card with you everyday. Keep it simple. A second piece of advice I would give is to purchase a card case to use when going out for the night or on vacation. While some people may not be used to carrying such a thin wallet, think of it as a quick out the door alternative to your everyday wallet. Quickly pop in your ID, couple of cards you need for the night & head off.

The following picks are a few of my favorite selections of card cases. Coming in varied colors & styles, your card case can be an extension of your personality by what style you pick for yourself. I've always said, a well dressed gentlemen pays attention to every small detail down to even his wallet. 


Salvatore Ferregamo Revival / Bottega Venetta Intrecciato / Bally Leather Case

Gucci Crocodile Case / Prada Saffiano / Tod's Case & Money Clip