Marlon Brandon Tees and Rolled-up Sleeves

20120929-084740.jpg From musicians to street wear, Marlon Brando's style has permeated the fashion trends as of late. In The Wild One, Brando made the plain crew neck tee look so chic yet casual, that artist like Adam Levine try to replicate the look even to this day. The tee in itself is cut so that the sleeves hit higher than a regular fitted one. Modern designers have brought back this look, like brother duo based out of NYC Barking Irons. Their 'Brando Tee' has higher sleeves, a more fitted body cut and an added touch to the hem they call 'scalloped' that harkens 19th century undergarments. The trend of tighter sleeves isn't particularly new but we are seeing more and more these days, even on some button downs. Make it even more old Hollywood by rolling up the sleeves just a bit, like Louis Tomlison. Wherever you wear your Brando inspired look, a strong sense of character is needed and a cigarette casually hanging out of your mouth won't hurt either.