Jump Into A Onesie

Adult onesies, without bordering into Snuggie territory, are one of the coolest things to rock this holiday season. Everyone always remembers their childhood fondly around Christmas time sitting by the tree in their onesie opening presents. Swedish brand, Onepiece, has harkened back to childhood days with their adult line of jumpsuits, these however are not your regular child size play-wear. Cotton material and silky soft, these onesies are the perfect thing to throw on to relax on a lazy day. I wouldn't avise wearing them out of the house though, unless you're fine with quizzical looks as you rock your onesie.With various designs from solid colors, collegiate styling and traditional holiday prints, this lifestyle leisurewear will definitely make you want to never take them off.

1. Onepiece Original Dark Pink

2. Onepiece College 29 Lightweight Dark Grey

3. Onepiece Lusekofte Navy