Acceptance, Another Form Of Defeat?

I've been thinking a lot lately about acceptance and understanding some things are out of our control. While some things like the weather, time and life path are truly uncontrollable, are we really setting ourselves up for defeat when we bow down to think we need to accept everything? I've been reading as of late on how if we want to calm our minds, we must accept that we need to just let go of things and know that there is a greater plan for us. Aren't some things worth fighting for? We've become a culture where we take pills to sleep, herbal remedies to calm our emotions and expect things to unravel on their own once we accept them. It's hard to wrap my brain, and maybe yours, that we don't have the power within ourselves to cause some of the change we want in our life. There are great methods and practices that help us along our journey in life but we can't continue as a society to be idle as our life passes us by. Sometimes we need to fight for what we hold close to our hearts and ultimately will bring us joy. We need to not let them go by as we hope they come to us. It's easy when you've been handed so many opportunities in life, and I personally relate to this, that we begin to live life expecting things to come to us, for outer influences to bring the answer to us. Putting the solution on the external doesn't remedy and distracts from realizing that we on our own have the answer.

Accepting things for what they are is a remarkable thing. Yes, it does apply to much of our life, but when do we know when not to accept how things are? Are we to listen to others theories and disconnect from our inner voice? I think we've disconnected from listening to our own thoughts and ideas, that someone else's wisdom will guide our life better. We need to together as a group set, forth positive energy and begin to listen to our gut and intuition and leave our own mark in our life.

So in your life, what do you need to work on to accept that you can not change and the wisdom to know what you can?