The Only Coat You'll Need This Season: Trench Coat

I read a lot of detective books growing up, & I mean A LOT! Encyclopedia Brown, The Hardy Boys, James Bond & Inspector Gadget were some of my favorite fictional characters growing up. I remember being in elementary school & begging my parents for this khaki trench coat from Zara Kids that I religiously wore throughout the fourth grade. I'd long for rainy days that would allow me to wear it to class, sometimes I'd even pout when my mother would tell me that it just wasn't the correct weather to wear it out that day. The trench coat always embodied this air of mystery & sleekness to me even to this day. 

While I'm long past the age of thinking I'm conducting an undercover mission in my trench coat, trench coats are still one of my favorite outerwear staples for the fall. Over the last few weeks our weather has been all over the place, from rainy & cold one day to sunny & brisk the next. The trench coat is the all-time perfect coat for this unpredictable weather. Trench coats best protect your gear worn underneath from the nasty conditions outside.

When purchasing a trench coat remember to buy a size larger than normal, ensuring that whatever you wear underneath fits comfortably under the coat. Go for water-resistant materials that can withstand the rainy days to come. Most importantly, go for a material that is lightweight & can be worn throughout the day. While some trench coats can be made out of warmer materials, like the Topman Wool Blend Trench above, the best trench is meant to keep you cool but not toasty, opt for parkas or warmer coats if warmth is your main concern.


PS by Paul Smith TrenchTopman Wool Blend Trench J.Crew. Portsmouth Trench