FreshNeck Membership Service, Keeping You Looking Great In A Suit & Tie


Finding that perfect tie can sometimes become a hassle. Ties can make or break a look. With ties sometimes selling at high prices, it becomes hard to keep a rotating selection in your closet, but imagine if you can choose from a large selection online and have it delivered to your door, all at a monthly fee that costs less than your lunch. That's exactly what FreshNeck provides to it's members. Recently launching this month, FreshNeck offers its members a large selection of designer neckties and bow ties to pick from, as well as pocket squares, cufflinks, tie bars and other formal wear accessories. At three different tiers of membership, you're bound to find that perfect tie to finish your look. Starting at just $15, three-tiers of membership gives members access to 3 items of their choice. They can wear them as long as they want and then send them back when they're ready for new items. Designers range from Hermes to Rag & Bone, to small independent labels like Armstrong & Wilson. Recently I was able to speak with FreshNeck founder David Goldberg and ask him some questions about FreshNeck and mens style.


Would love to hear some background on FreshNeck, what kind of man are you guys hoping signs up?

I come from the background of one of our users.I practiced law for 3 years as an Assistant District Attorney.I then transitioned to finance, where I worked at Merrill Lynch.Both jobs required a suit and tie, and were client/public facing.Given a) my not-so-amazing salary, and b) the jobs required a somewhat conservative look, ties and accessories were the only way for me to express some style.Since I couldn’t afford to fund my shopping addiction, a few colleagues and I decided to all bring in some ties we were bored of and swap.They were all “new to us.”This got me thinking that it could be done on a much grander scale.

The man who appreciates FreshNeck appreciates style and variety.They like to experiment, and their style is a reflection of their personality and mood.We have found that many lawyers, bankers, real estate professionals, etc, are a good fit.

What styles and trends do you see picked most often on the site?

Bow Ties and Pocket Squares have done very well.These are items that men want to try out, but are not comfortable committing to buying.And even if they want to buy, they can only get one or two, which go with the same suit/shirt/tie.FreshNeck allows unlimited combinations.

What’s the most important part when picking out the ties and neckwear to be used at FreshNeck?

First and foremost – quality.We will never sacrifice quality, both on product and service.As for our Collection, we like to keep a mix of well-known “department store” brands while leaving room for smaller, independent (often handcrafted) designers that aren’t so well-known.

Are you a bowtie or necktie type of guy?

I always liked the look of a bow tie, but never took the leap of purchasing one.Like our members, this was my chance to try it, and I must say, I’m hooked.I really appreciate the non-silk options, such as wool bows from Alexander Olch.

Any plans to expand or future projects on the horizon?

Currently, we stock ties, bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and lapel pins.We’ll soon be adding suspenders.We are open to anything that doesn’t have a fit component, and doesn’t have the “icky factor.”While we’re not quite there yet, we’ve brainstormed about applying the model to luxury watches.