Stylish Wrist Wear

While Apple and Samsung are battling it out on the fitness/smart watch market, not so much attention has been paid to classic and traditional watches. While the upcoming iWatch is something on the top of my wish list, it won't certainly be my everyday wrist wear. There is something elegant and gentlemanly about wearing a nice watch, it sends the signal that you care about the finer details in life. I can't imagine myself walking into an important meeting at work with an Apple gadget on my wrist; who knows maybe in five years that'll be acceptable, but not in my foreseeable future.

The following selections range from high end watches to more affordable timepieces that are in everyones budget. No matter what price point a watch may be in, the most important part about wearing a watch is wearing it as an extension of your personality and style. A current trend that I've been spotting lately, and personally love and rock, is wearing a vintage luxury time piece and exchanging the band for a nylon strap, similar to this Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King precision watch (vintage circa 1966) on a NATO strap.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King (vintage) / Burberry Automatic Aligator Strap Watch

Miansai M1 Navy / Caravelle NY Chronograph

5 Best American Made Brands

When looking for the best menswear brands, it's a rare thing to find a brand that touts being American made. Not since the early 90s boom of American menswear which took over the globe has there been a bigger resurgence of brands proudly manufacturing their lines in the US. With the Fourth of July drawing nearer, here are a few of my favorite picks from my top 5 'Made In the US' brands.

Made Collection

Heathered Gingham Shirt



In God We Trust NYC

Blue Twill Men's Summer Pant



Latitude Supply Co.

Pocket Trunk




M1 Navy Leather Ribbon Watch



Williamsburg Garment Company

Hope Street Raw Skinny Jeans

Go Overboard With Miansai

When it comes to mens jewelry, the rule should always be keep it simple and keep it classy. It's way too easy to go overboard and adorn your wrist like a character from one of the Pirate of The Caribbean movies. Miansai by Michael Saiger captures the essence of New England with his mens jewelry line. Based out of Miami, Miansai pieces are preppy inspired and really can go with any outfit. With touches like rose gold and genuine Italian leather, these bracelets are definitely durable enough for everyday wear. The nautical influences are everywhere throughout the designers line with hooks and anchors acting as the main focus of the bracelets. Whether you're ready to go untie your boat from the slip, or just hitting the pool, the Miansai bracelets are the perfect arm accessory. Rose Gold Hook On Italian Leather