Swimwear For All Bodytypes, Advice On Complementing Your Body

With Memorial Day around the corner, symbolizing the beginning of the summer, everyone is trying to cram as many gym sessions as they can. While hitting the gym is crucial to looking good sans-shirt, it's always best to complement your body style, even in a bathing suit. Use different patterns and cuts to accentuate what you have, minimize what you don't want and have that extra help on being the sexiest guy on the beach. The following styles tips will come useful in picking out your next bathing suit. Whatever body type you may have, there is a swimsuit made for your body.

Athletic Build


These shorter style Resort Shorts by Charlie by MZ are perfect for those who have slaved away on the squat racks. You want to show off your toned legs as much as possible. Because these trunks are shorter than your regular swim trunks, it gives an illusion of having longer legs, thus appearing taller. Make sure the waistband isn't too high which shortens your torso, making you appear shorter.

Tall and Thin


When you've been gifted with great genetics, making you tower over anyone else, you can almost pull any style of swimwear off. Because about any kind of bathing suit will work with your body, don't be afraid of wearing prints or contrasting colors. These Checked Swim Trunks by Gant are a great way of adding color and pattern to your beach attire.

Bit of a Tummy


Just because its been weeks since you've been to the gym, and a little bit of that holiday weight has stuck around, it doesn't mean you should be afraid of taking your shirt off. Solid color trunks with bands divide your body up, distracting from having people notice you may not have been on speaking terms with your trainer lately. These Ennis by Saturdays Surf NYC trunks make your body seem slimmer by using dark contrasting color blocks, the mid length of the trunk also help with making you appear longer and thinner.