Essential, High-Quality Technology Guide

Like it or not in this modern age, technology rules our world. It makes life a lot easier in many different ways; from helping us achieve a perfect body, to monitoring our homes, technology has penetrated every facet of our lives. I can easily say that I've been a techie geek ever since I can remember, I must have been the only 6th grader I knew who kept track of his assignments on a Palm Pilot (remember those!?). 

If you're anything like me, then you have to know what the hottest gadgets of the moment are at all times. The following list is a compilation of some of the most essential, highest-quality gadgets out there. From wearables to improvements on everyday items, here are the top picks of the best of the best tech out there.


The Jawbone UP band has long been my preffered fitness tracker out there. The UP24 is the latest incarnation of Jawbone's fitness band, adding bluetooth connectivity making it even easier to talk to your smartphone. From tracking your fitness activities, logging your nutritional intake for the day to even monitoring your sleep patterns, the Jawbone UP24 Band is the best fitness band out there.

Alpine iLX-007

Ever since Apple announced its CarPlay technology, I've been obsessed with having my car's system integrate with my iPhone. Up until now, the only way you've been able to experience it first hand was purchasing a new Ferrari FF. While I still await BMW to integrate it into its line of vehicles so I can use it in my own car, the next best solution is the new Alpine iLX-007 aftermarket receiver. The iLX-007 streamlines the CarPlay features into you car, regardless of what make or model of vehicle you own. 

Sony QX100

Everywhere you look, someone is taking a picture with their smartphones to share on their various social media channels. While most smartphones take decent quality pictures, we have lost the sophistication & expertise of actual cameras to capture these memorable moments. The Sony DSCQX100 is best of both worlds, a Carl Zeiss lens on a portable lens so compact that it snaps onto the back of your smartphone (Apple or Android). With Wi-fi connectivity built into the lens, all your pictures are immediately saved onto your phone to share away with your friends.

Anova Precision Cooker

Never has cooking been so easy! You may have seen precision cookers on shows like Top Chef or Iron Chef  & imagined that you could never master the art of it, but with the Anova Precision Cooker all it takes is a pot, some water, the Anova device & your smart phone to cook perfectly prepared meals. With the tap of a few buttons, your smartphone tells the Anova what temperature & how long to cook your food, making every meal you make cooked uniformly throughout.

BRUVELO Smart, WiFI Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

You can never compare a good coffee prepared by a barista at your favorite coffee shop to the cup of joe you prepare at home. There is a reason why they have a fancy name as their job title, they know what they're doing. The BRUVELO Pour-Over Coffee Brewer takes all the hard work of making the perfect cup of coffee & puts all control in your smartphone. BRUVELO filters & manages the temperature of the water, even weighs & grinds your grounds & even adjusts to whatever flavor profile of coffee you want. For anyone wanting a fine crafted cup of coffee at home, this is the perfect must-have. 


The Little Things: Stylish Cases

People say that it's the little things that make the big difference. When almost most of the population carries around a smartphone or tablet on them at all time, why not have the slickest cases around for something so necessary to our everyday lives. Through a case or sleeve you can have a subtle way to differentiate yourself from the crowd and also at the same time express your personal style. There are an assortment of colors, textures, sizes and styles of cases out there, here are a few of my favorites to keep your device well protected and looking chic.

J. Crew

J. Crew leather Patterned Case


Jack Spade

Wesson Leather Hardcover Stand Tablet Case



'Saffiano' Leather Monogrammed Cases

Beach Getaway Essentials

While you may have graduated from college and Spring Break has become a long-lost memory, it doesn't mean you can't book a getaway to a warm and sunny beach during the spring. Getting away from the temperamental weather that comes with the spring season is the perfect excuse to book that beach trip. The following picks are perfect for a quick trip to the beach. Throw them in a bag and enjoy that mojito as you very well will be the best dressed in this beach attire.

GantRibbed Collar Oxford


This half button-down, half popover Oxford is great for looking casual yet sharp at the same time. The sporty look of it makes it the perfect vacation shirt. Wear it to the beach or to a laid back dinner.

RivierasCotton Slip-On Shoe


There is no excuse to wear flip-flops over the age of ten. Not only do they make you look lazy, but no one really is a fan of seeing other people's feet. Rivieras are the perfect beach shoe that can transition into everyday wear. The 1950's style make them ideal to wear poolside. The cotton mesh, which the shoes are made out of, make them lightweight and perfect to wash off if sand gets in them.

Warby ParkerJasper Sunglasses


Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is always a hassle, you never know which will fit. Warby Parker has made the hunt for the perfect sunnies into a problem of the last. You can pick out five pairs, try them out at home and send back the ones you don't want, or upload a picture of your face and try on their sunglasses virtually. Whichever method you choose, you're bound to find the perfect fit.

Saturdays NYCThomas Board Shorts


This surf wear styled NYC store gets it right every time in nailing beach ready apparel. These shorts in a solid monochromatic tone flatter any body type. There's a reason why so many brands copy the 1960s style board shorts, they work perfectly on anyone.

Portland General StoreVictory Moisturizer With SPF 15


Made specifically for a mans face, the Victory Moisturizer is light and perfect size to keep in your bag . What's best of all is that it also protects your face from the harmful rays that can age your skin with DMAE that tones and firms your skin. This product is completely natural and devoid of harmful chemicals.

FreshNeck Membership Service, Keeping You Looking Great In A Suit & Tie


Finding that perfect tie can sometimes become a hassle. Ties can make or break a look. With ties sometimes selling at high prices, it becomes hard to keep a rotating selection in your closet, but imagine if you can choose from a large selection online and have it delivered to your door, all at a monthly fee that costs less than your lunch. That's exactly what FreshNeck provides to it's members. Recently launching this month, FreshNeck offers its members a large selection of designer neckties and bow ties to pick from, as well as pocket squares, cufflinks, tie bars and other formal wear accessories. At three different tiers of membership, you're bound to find that perfect tie to finish your look. Starting at just $15, three-tiers of membership gives members access to 3 items of their choice. They can wear them as long as they want and then send them back when they're ready for new items. Designers range from Hermes to Rag & Bone, to small independent labels like Armstrong & Wilson. Recently I was able to speak with FreshNeck founder David Goldberg and ask him some questions about FreshNeck and mens style.


Would love to hear some background on FreshNeck, what kind of man are you guys hoping signs up?

I come from the background of one of our users.I practiced law for 3 years as an Assistant District Attorney.I then transitioned to finance, where I worked at Merrill Lynch.Both jobs required a suit and tie, and were client/public facing.Given a) my not-so-amazing salary, and b) the jobs required a somewhat conservative look, ties and accessories were the only way for me to express some style.Since I couldn’t afford to fund my shopping addiction, a few colleagues and I decided to all bring in some ties we were bored of and swap.They were all “new to us.”This got me thinking that it could be done on a much grander scale.

The man who appreciates FreshNeck appreciates style and variety.They like to experiment, and their style is a reflection of their personality and mood.We have found that many lawyers, bankers, real estate professionals, etc, are a good fit.

What styles and trends do you see picked most often on the site?

Bow Ties and Pocket Squares have done very well.These are items that men want to try out, but are not comfortable committing to buying.And even if they want to buy, they can only get one or two, which go with the same suit/shirt/tie.FreshNeck allows unlimited combinations.

What’s the most important part when picking out the ties and neckwear to be used at FreshNeck?

First and foremost – quality.We will never sacrifice quality, both on product and service.As for our Collection, we like to keep a mix of well-known “department store” brands while leaving room for smaller, independent (often handcrafted) designers that aren’t so well-known.

Are you a bowtie or necktie type of guy?

I always liked the look of a bow tie, but never took the leap of purchasing one.Like our members, this was my chance to try it, and I must say, I’m hooked.I really appreciate the non-silk options, such as wool bows from Alexander Olch.

Any plans to expand or future projects on the horizon?

Currently, we stock ties, bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and lapel pins.We’ll soon be adding suspenders.We are open to anything that doesn’t have a fit component, and doesn’t have the “icky factor.”While we’re not quite there yet, we’ve brainstormed about applying the model to luxury watches.


Word To Your Mother

20130103-105458.jpg They say the best ideas come out of the blue. How convenient would it be to have a handy notebook that is functional enough to write down all the ideas that flow through our minds while having a great style to it? Cool Material has accomplished just that with a line of made in the USA, pocket size notebooks branded Word, that are bound in six great prints, including three different camo patterns. The convenient 3.5"x5" size of these 48-page lined notebooks make it easy to carry one wherever you go. The notebooks come in packs of three and use bullet points to make life easier when keeping track of our everyday tasks. Check out the Word website and order yourself a pack, take one wherever you go and never leave a thought unwritten.


Raw, Vegan & Gluten-Free, Juice Cleansing Your Way To A Healthier Body

Sometimes our body just requires a little step back and a gentle nudge into rebooting itself into a healthier balanced state. juice cleanses have become the best alternative into kickstarting your system into detox mode using natural micronutrients found in our fruits and vegetables to our own benefit. You've probably heard of celebrities going on 14 day long detoxes with the aid of home delivery services, but you no longer have to have your face on magazines to get such services delivered to your home. Home delivery companies have sprouted all around the country bringing the benefits of juice cleanses to your front door. So what exactly does it mean to juice? How long can you juice for? Is it worth the money?


If you're like me, then you've probably have spent the last few weeks during the holidays kicking your digestive system into overdrive with heavy foods like stuffing, turkey and plenty of baked goods. A juice cleanse allows our body to relax from the over digesting that you've probably put it through. Our fruits and vegetables we eat daily are jam packed with micronutrients that provide our bodies with benefits like a healthier digestive function, clearer skin and improved mood and energy levels. Juice cleanses are designed to flush your body full of natures own vitamins and minerals to make us healthier.


Houston premium juice brand, Crush Cleanse, was kind enough to let me check out their juice cleanse line offering cold-pressed, raw, vegan, unpasteurized, gluten-free and dairy-free juices delivered right to my door. Each day is comprised of 6 juices (each 16oz) and their plans are for 3-5 or 10 days. What I liked most about Crush Cleanse was their juices tasted great! My favorite was the fourth juice of the day which was a Spicy Agave comprised of agave, lemon, cayenne and purified water. The flavorful kick to it was surprising as I had expected juice cleanses to be dull, but every Crush Cleanse juice was full of rich flavor while still being completely healthy for you without any added preservatives. Everyone always asked me if juice was enough to keep me energized throughout the day, he answer is YES. The fact is that every juice is packed with enough calories, protein and carbs too keep your body functioning throughout the day. I even felt more left throughout my day.

So if you're looking to start back on track post Christmas dinner, Crush Cleanse and a three day detox is great. Each juice is made specially for you so make sure you give them a 24 hour heads up. Check out their Facebook page or Twitter to get more information or shoot them an email at