Best Fitness Accessories To Keep Your Workouts on Track

Whether it be a gym buddy or a monthly subscription to a fitness magazine, it is always helpful to have a little bit of help and accountability to keep your fitness on track. In an age where your iPhone can adjust your thermostat and your computer can control you home security system, it's not too crazy that technology has now set its sight on the fitness world.

Now more than ever your smartphone can be the biggest aide to your workouts. 2014 will be the year of 'iFitness' where every need you will need on getting that perfect summer body can be helped by an app or device. Check out the following accessories which will bring your workout to the next level.

Jawbone UP24.jpg

Affordable Menswear Workout Clothes To Upgrade Your Gym Style

Rarely is any thought put into our sartorial picks for the gym when we workout. Just because you're working up a sweat, it doesn't mean that you can't rock the best menswear workout gear available. Ditch your ratty tank tops and ill-fitting shorts and replace them with these great picks to look stylish while working on your fitness. From high performance, moisture wicking materials, to sophisticated poly French terry hoodies, the following five picks are the best of the best.

Gents Purple Line Cap Hat


Horny Toad Hi Jack Hoodie


Nike Legend V-Neck Men's Training T-Shirt


Lululemon Precise Short


KOR ONE Hydration Vessel