The Perfect Coat for Unpredictable Weather

As the season begins to transition into spring, unpredictable weather is bound to follow suit. With the daily forecast becoming more incalculable, it's important to have stylish weatherproof gear in your closet. While North Face jackets were alright for your early collegiate years, it's time to upgrade your outerwear. From updated country jackets to waxed cotton coats, all of these outerwear pieces are built to last through tough conditions. Not only are these jackets durable but they are less bulky than your winter gear, making it easy to shed as the weather changes throughout the day. As those pesky rainy and humid days approach, throw some of these great picks that'll brave any weather in these coming months.

Waxy Country Jacket by Gant


Waxed cotton has been around for ages. Since it was originally used to keep sailors gear weatherproof through rough conditions it makes for the perfect breathable, durable and impermeable jacket for rainy mornings. Because the cotton is covered in a paraffin-based wax that coats the entire garment, each jacket begins to have its own look as you break it in each time you put it on, making it truly unique from any other jacket.

Garment Dyed Wyatt Field Jacket by Coach


The field jacket is quintessential with outerwear. The utility of this jacket makes it perfect for the weekend and the lightweight material of this Coach piece makes it a must have. Dyed in fresh new colors for the spring, Coach has updated the field jacket while maintaining the classic feel to this piece.

Slim-Fit Quilted Varsity Jacket by Sandro


This navy and white jacket by French brand Sandro is perfect for a casual outing when the temperature calls for a lightweight jacket. Made in a lightweight technical material, this varsity jacket truly exudes a casual and sporty feel. Pair it with some jeans and some high tops to finish of this Parisian look.