Wear It Wednesday - Gatsby Ties


With the success of this past weekends box-office hit, The Great Gatsby, everyone has been trying to emulate Jay Gatsby's style and elegance. Gatsby in the movie has a wardrobe that any guy would envy, from silk shirts and ties to impeccable tuxedos. Catherine Martin, the movie's production manager in charge of costumes, worked with Brooks Brothers and Prada on collections for the looks seen in the movie.

While purchasing a well-made suit will make you feel as elegant as Leonardo DiCaprio looks in the film, sometimes adding a high-quality tie can spiff up any suit you have already own. Gatsby's money-is-no-object glamour is encapsulated in this Anchor Tie made by GQ's executive merchandising stylist and now designer, Brett Fahlgren's menswear collection. The Fahlgren collection includes American made 100% silk ties in an assortment of styles and colors, all portraying a style and elegance worthy enough of Gatsby's closet. Find a store carrying Fahlgren, or shop online at their online website here.