Raw, Vegan & Gluten-Free, Juice Cleansing Your Way To A Healthier Body

Sometimes our body just requires a little step back and a gentle nudge into rebooting itself into a healthier balanced state. juice cleanses have become the best alternative into kickstarting your system into detox mode using natural micronutrients found in our fruits and vegetables to our own benefit. You've probably heard of celebrities going on 14 day long detoxes with the aid of home delivery services, but you no longer have to have your face on magazines to get such services delivered to your home. Home delivery companies have sprouted all around the country bringing the benefits of juice cleanses to your front door. So what exactly does it mean to juice? How long can you juice for? Is it worth the money?


If you're like me, then you've probably have spent the last few weeks during the holidays kicking your digestive system into overdrive with heavy foods like stuffing, turkey and plenty of baked goods. A juice cleanse allows our body to relax from the over digesting that you've probably put it through. Our fruits and vegetables we eat daily are jam packed with micronutrients that provide our bodies with benefits like a healthier digestive function, clearer skin and improved mood and energy levels. Juice cleanses are designed to flush your body full of natures own vitamins and minerals to make us healthier.


Houston premium juice brand, Crush Cleanse, was kind enough to let me check out their juice cleanse line offering cold-pressed, raw, vegan, unpasteurized, gluten-free and dairy-free juices delivered right to my door. Each day is comprised of 6 juices (each 16oz) and their plans are for 3-5 or 10 days. What I liked most about Crush Cleanse was their juices tasted great! My favorite was the fourth juice of the day which was a Spicy Agave comprised of agave, lemon, cayenne and purified water. The flavorful kick to it was surprising as I had expected juice cleanses to be dull, but every Crush Cleanse juice was full of rich flavor while still being completely healthy for you without any added preservatives. Everyone always asked me if juice was enough to keep me energized throughout the day, he answer is YES. The fact is that every juice is packed with enough calories, protein and carbs too keep your body functioning throughout the day. I even felt more left throughout my day.

So if you're looking to start back on track post Christmas dinner, Crush Cleanse and a three day detox is great. Each juice is made specially for you so make sure you give them a 24 hour heads up. Check out their Facebook page or Twitter to get more information or shoot them an email at info@crushcleanse.com


Houston Dresses Up for Fashion Houston

International Style. Texas Hospitality. Those are the words that optimize Fashion Houston and its amazing designers this week. Last night I was lucky enough to attend the second night of Fashion Houston and experience it from a vantage point that really allowed me to get a closer look to all the intricate detailing by the designers last night. 20121114-112338.jpg

After a brief opening speech by Neal Hamil, David Peck with his Crop by David Peck collection set the tone for the nights festivities. The floral and fish prints on form-fitting pieces which began the show were astonishing. Each piece flowed and definitely had almost a fun seaside style to them. The pieces that truly caught my eye were the very mod inspired colorblock pieces that rounded out the show. Peck definitely represented Houston well with his Parisian style dresses.




Next up was NYC based, Fotini. There definitely was a sense of NY style in this collection. With short shorts and flirty dresses, you can totally imagine these pieces on any fashionable New Yorker running uptown to meet up her friends for a drink. Not only did Fotini kill it with flirty style, but the sexy blazers paired with form-fitting dresses showed that a woman can be as sexy in business attire. One of the nights best moments was a dress that almost an effervescent flow down the catwalk to close out Fotini's show. The length paired with very well placed slits along the front created a magical moment for everyone at the show.




Tuesdays night at Fashion Houston was not all about the ladies though. The brother duo behind Bogosse brought some amazing menstyle to their Houston show. It was such a surprise to see menswear as a lot of the times the focus is on the womenswear designers at shows. Bogosse really payed attention to detailing on their shirts and blazers with interesting accents for their buttons and piping. The first half of their show featured khaki pants and dress shirts in a fresh new way by adding interesting prints and colors to make them unique, although my favorite part, partly because of the Texas heat, was the second part when shorts were the main focus. An interesting touch that I particularly enjoyed was the rope belts that were looped and tucked within themselves, had seen it in a couple of magazines and seeing it in person makes me want to imitate the look.




Closing out the night was Zac Posen. This collection may be the best collection of his career. The tone was set with some amazing music choice comprised of strings that built up as the show progressed. I would have to say that the color palate of this collection definitely was inspired by a sanguine tone of red. Different iterations of the color kept popping up throughout the collection. The collection began with almost a very 1940s inspired dresses with some amazing detailing on how it would hug a woman's body. The silhouette that Posen creates is truly astonishing and makes him the king in my book of making the lines of a woman's body work for them. There was as much attention to detailing on the lines and stitching along the front of the dress as well as the back. A lot of pieces began with almost an intricate pleating in the front which continued with lines towards the back of the dress releasing in the train. I found myself fixated on how much attention was given to the back of the dresses. There was an amazing Jessica Rabbit moment that truly made the room ring with applause. The floor length gown was definitely a show stopper. Closing out the show though was the dress of the night. A floor length ball gown with a corset bodice almost engulfed the width of the runway, everyone's eyes were immediately fixated. The deep intensity of the red in the dress was once again proof that Zac Posen knows womenswear. Posen got a well deserved standing ovation at the end as he walked out, wearing a red suit in line with the palate of his collection, Houston definitely showed lowed to Posen.





The night overall was truly magical and it was great to witness such amazing pieces from the end of the runway. As this is Fashion Houston's third year putting on their show I definitely look forward to more nights this week and hopefully return again next year.

The Eye Has To Travel, Houston's Night With Diana Vreeland

The 50 year career and life of Diana Vreeland was celebrated last night at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, closing out the Houston Cinema Arts Festival. The film, Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel, spanned Vreeland’s career as an editor at Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue as well as her time at the Metropolitan Museum in her later years in life.

The film highlighted Vreeland’s strong sense of style as well as her magnificent editorial eye. Vreeland is attributed to shifting the focus of women’s magazines from homemaking into a more whimsical world of high fashion and eye-catching stories playing out on the magazine pages. Twiggy, Barbara Streisand and Veruschka von Lehndorff all can attribute their success to Vreeland, who loved to celebrate and accentuate what faults a woman had and made them beautiful.


The film’s director, Lisa Immordino, answered questions after the film in an open Q&A led by Houston Fashion Icon Lynn Wyatt. Immordino spent three years working on the film as well as interviewing family members. Immordino is married into the Vreeland family through Vreeland’s grandson. Expect to see the DVD released next February to coincide with New York Fashion Week.

Closing out the Houston Cinema Arts Festival, this film was an excellent way to pass on the baton to Fashion Houston, which kicks off November 12th and ends November 15th. As Diane would have said “it is DIVINE.”