Met Gala 2014, Best Dressed Men

From midnight blue tuxedos to coat and tails, last nights Met Gala brought back an essence of class to menswear on the red carpet. While usually red carpets are quite tame in respect to the men's suit choices, last night was surely a break from the norm. I mean it's not very often you see celebrities walking down the carpet with tails, white bow ties and pocket watches. While the dress code for men entailed 'White Tie', a few notable attendees like Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Dancy broke the protocol. Regardless, the following few gentleman made more people pay attention to the guys choice of outfits than usual, which becomes difficult in an event where the women run the carpet.

Ryan Reynolds in a Blue Velvet Tuxedo by Gucci / Tom Ford in Tom Ford

Eddie Redmayne in Burberry / David Beckham in Ralph Lauren

Andy Cohen in Ralph Lauren / Hugh Dancy in Prada

Summer Must-Have: Acetate Sunglasses

The long summer days are almost upon us, bringing plenty of days spent outdoors by a pool or on a patio with a drink. Along with your other must haves; the perfect bathing suit, large waterproof beach bag, SP45 and other essential items, one thing that should be in your summer arsenal this year are a pair of acetate sunglasses. Everyone from Tom Ford to Ray Ban has jumped on this hot trend. With trips to the West Coast being planned or other beach locals, it's never too early to find your favorite pair of sunglasses for the summer. While some people may scoff at the idea of wearing an accessory made out of material most known for platform shoes, let's get one thing straight; Tom Ford knows best. The Leo Acetate sunglasses from his eponymous brand is my personal pick on how to rock the acetate trend, made almost in a tortoise shell design. Among Ford's Leo, the following are other perfect alternatives.